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Meet Missy

For the last eight years I have been teaching yoga in San Diego, CA. Though Yoga was my launching point, I have continued to grow within my teachings and personal practice. Along with yoga I also share Reiki, meditation, somatic healing modalities, chakra balancing, Oracle card readings and self-care practices with clients. 

My own struggles brought me onto this path of helping others who are suffering. I spent years looking to doctors for help with anxiety, depression and unexplained chronic health issues. Eventually, I realized I had to take healing into my own hands. Now, I see that the divine plan was to show me how. This guidance came so that I could live out my purpose of helping others in their personal healing journey. I feel passionately about helping those who struggle with mental and physical health, because I know what it feels like to just want to feel GOOD in the mind and body.  

My goal is not to have you working with me for years on end. The purpose of my sessions are to help you understand how powerful you are and to give you the tools to empower yourself daily. Through holistic self-care practices, energy work, and dedication we can work towards bringing the body and mind back into harmony!