April 25, 2017

The other day while grocery shopping at sprouts, I witnessed something that pierced me. I was scoping out my veggies and I heard a guy yelling at some woman saying I don't want to be near you anyways, you're nasty. Get your fat ass away from me! Apparently she had cut him off, by accident, while walking in the grocery store. What? Really?! That made you blow up like that, brah? He continued to walk by me yelling at her, at this point I was still really confused on what was going on. He continued to call her fat and right as I was trying to muster up the word stop, he quickly ran away. I didn't really know what to do in that moment. I wanted to chase after him and give him a piece of my mind BUT that moment of him yelling at her I saw SO much hurt and pain on his face. I stared in this guys eyes and froze, completely taking him in. I felt bad for this man. I know that sounds backwards but its not. For someone to act out and lash out like they woul...

April 20, 2017

As festival season is upon us I cant help but notice my FOMO coming up here and there. Last year I was lucky enough to go to two life changing festivals, Desert Hearts and Lightning in a Bottle. So much to say about my experience at both of those. Too much actually. There is a reason I bring up festivals though. As me and my roommate discussed our festival going experiences I realized that our favorite thing about the festivals were the same. The love and human connection. 

The other day I was listening to someone tell a story about their new puppy and how the puppy needed to meet every new person that walked their way. He was curious about them and also wanted to express his love to them. She brought up a great point. Why do we breeze past people and not even so much as smile or say hi? We look down or we avoid eye contact or avoid touching. What if as we sat down at a bus stop we looked to the person to your left or right and said, Hi, how is your day? They may lab...

April 20, 2017

Last month I had an Ah-ha moment when I was trying to get into a class at hapa yoga and it was full. I sat next door in the other empty yoga studio with no music and no one cueing me where to go. I was bummed things didnt go my way. My first instinct was to just go to Starbucks and wait till the next class. Most likely I would spend the hour mindlessly looping through social media. Right then I had that Ah-ha moment. I lead yoga often so why couldn’t I lead myself? Honest truth, I didnt want to be with myself. I didnt want to sit in silence, I didnt want to breathe alone, I didn't want to move alone. It was in that moment I realized how much I have been avoiding being with myself. Despite being alone in my room very often I always have my computer, phone and roommates near by so really I never felt alone.

This is where the real work began. I sat in a dimly lit room in silence, breathing, moving and meditating. I was peaceful a...

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April 20, 2017

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