A Writer who Resists Writing.

February 12, 2018


A Writer who resists writing is a funny thing. Can most writers relate to this? There are so many fascinating people out there who write but never share. Or maybe they simply don't write because they can't get pen to paper, in this day and age fingers to keys. Here I write because resisting the writing is no longer an option. You want to be a writer? You kind of need to write. So here we go..


Months ago, here in South Park, I went to get my cards read. I usually do my own card readings but not this time. The lady read to me: "You write but you don't share, you hold it for yourself. You need to share it. “Share MORE??" I already feel like I have held up my depression sign at the pep rally, have announced my anxiety issues to the world and exposed my heart breaks publicly. How much more open can I get?


When I write on my social media or my blog I feel very exposed and you can't take it back once someone has read it. It's a game of truth or dare. I continue to pick truth and not just for 6 girlfriends at a

sleepover to hear but speaking the truth for many others to interpret however they will. 


I do realize that I am choosing to let people peep into my life though. I open the curtains a sliver and on some days you can see in. I understand that I can close the damn curtains, the neighbors don't have to see me naked. I am choosing the nude every time I write and share. I am choosing to expose my woes and my yays, the good and the bad to the public. Once you put yourself out there you are open. You (I) better learn to grow some thick skin..


Stay tuned for more free flow writing.

Photo by: Sara Livingston 


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