A Writer Who Resists Writing Continued..

February 22, 2018

Being a sensitive Pisces means growing thick skin. This is a new concept for me. I am simultaneously growing thick skin and shedding the old skin. Shed, grow, shed, grow. After all, aren’t we all just continuously doing this? I am just choosing to expose and talk about the not so attractive flakey layers as they peel off. So what does one do when the peeling back gets painful? For me, I write. The card reader was so dead on though.. I write but I hide away my real writing, I only share small parts that dont reveal too much. This is slowly changing. I have this blog for a reason so why not use it? For those who are too timid to share, I give you this:

Imagine you could put on a pair of glasses and with these glasses you could do anything! These glasses make you feel invisible to the world, just you and the keeys. Pop on said glasses and put fingers to keys and write. Maybe choose a picture and post it. Click, click, BOOM. It's out there. Over time sharing starts to feel normal. As time goes on you get more bold in your new skin and it's easier to share, but for now glasses on are still a must.   

Photo by: Aubry Marie

The more I write the less fucks I give. Because that's all it is when I don't share, it's me caring too much about what other people's opinions might be. I write and I have no idea who actually reads this? But that's not the point of this. The point is to sit down and write, get to know yourself. If you don't already have a journal I HIGHLY recommend you write and see what comes out, you may surprise yourself. I do, every time I write.



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