Easy Self Care Practices: Skin Care

March 21, 2018

Here to share a few of my holistic self care practices with you. I didn't wake up one day and add all these at once to my daily routine. I slowly added what I needed into my day to day. Each presenting itself when my body was asking. Taking care of my skin, teeth, gums, and overall health, both mental and physical. Not only do these practices help me stay fresh physically but they help PREVENT illness. These practices have also helped strengthen my confidence. How does cleansing my body and applying self care practices help me gain confidence?  When you start to take care of yourself in a more nurturing way you are proclaiming that you love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Acts of service is a love language for your body. I hope you enjoy this blog series- Easy Self Care Practices.


Face care products:

Baking soda

Clay mask from San Diego Cosmetic Acupuncture or Sprouts

Avocado mask :

    -1 Organic Avocado

    -1/2 Organic Lemon

    -1/2 A tea spoon ACV

    -1/2 A teaspoon of honey (if desired)

Acu-lift Mist 

    -Essential oil spray with hydolonic acid ( Ingredients:    

 Purified Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Helichrsum, Lavender,  

and Geranium Essential Oils)

Hemp Oil from San Diego Cosmetic Acupuncture or Amazon. 

Sunscreen from Sprouts


Wash face with baking soda and hot water. Apply a clay mask. Let mask dry on face, I leave on for about 10 minutes  (refer to insturctions on package for appropriate times.) Wash face thoroughly. Apply avocado mask (ingridients above) for 10-15 mins, rinse throughly. Spray Aculift spray to face, let dry. Apply hemp oil to face. Once absorbed apply

sunscreen before leaving the house. 

Skin care:

Dry brushing

Coconut oil 



Dry brush skin, apply coconut oil to skin, soak in bath, rinse oil off skin. 

Dry brushing is an ayurvedic practice. This promotes lymphatic cleansing and is a powerful way to support the removal of ama (cellular waste products) from the body. ... Dry brushing helps encourage movement and drainage of excess mucus. -From Banyan Botanicals.

Visit their website for a detailed desrciption on how to dry brush. 


These practices are only a sugessted guide, I urge you to research further and find out the practices that work best for you and your body.


Stay tuned for more holistic practices to come..

-The Ultimate Bath

-Tea Tonic recipe

-Mental and physical pain relief


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