Having a Human Experience

July 11, 2018






A year ago this photo was taken after a break up. I don’t try to hide when I am breaking down, bc that’s what we are programmed to do. Show only the good to people so that we aren’t perceived as weak. Or we think that depression, sadness, heartbreak should be private or never felt so we keep it under wraps like it’s a big secret. It’s not glamorous to let anyone know we are feeling low. And though we all deal with shit in different ways, my way is being honest about where I am, to look straight into the camera lens and with my eyes say ‘I AM FUCKING FEELING’.


I don’t feel so broken right now, but I was and I had to be. There is beauty in the breakdown because whenever you break down you open back up to yourself. Who you REALLY are starts to come through when you let yourself feel. I am not my fears, my past, what you say about me, what anyone thinks about me. I am ME- sometimes I am sad, most the time playful, occasionally extroverted, lately mostly introverted. You can be all these things because how you feel in this moment doesn’t define you as a human. So give yourself a break and feel whatever the hell you need to feel in order to break free from the persona you are putting out into the world. The world needs more of you, we need REAL, raw humans so that we know we are not alone. The sad, the happy, the dark times AND the good times. Never be ashamed to feel.


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